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Lawyer for Permanent Residence in Dallas, TX

Extend your stay in the United States when you work with the legal team at Saenz-Rodriguez & Associates. We want to help you get your green card and stay long- term. With more than 25 years of experience, there's no reason not to turn to our lawyer for permanent residence in Dallas, Texas.

Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary visa, you can count on us to do everything in our power to help get you swift results. Our lawyer for non-immigrant visas can help those who are just visiting but not looking to settle down permanently. If you find you like the country enough to stay long-term, we also offer a wide range of other immigration services to assist.

Why Hiring a Lawyer for Non-Immigrant Visas is Crucial

Are you looking to just visit the U.S. for a few weeks to see family, or have you been accepted to one of our prestigious universities and need a student visa? No matter what the case is for your visit, you'll need to see a lawyer for visas. There are many types of non-immigrant visas available for short-term stays in the country, which means that there are many areas to make mistakes on your application.

Fortunately, we have been in business for more than two decades and can provide you with exemplary legal counsel. We know the ins and outs of the legal process and can prepare your application for you to ensure you avoid any legal troubles with your paperwork. If you decide you want to more to the country, our lawyer for permanent residence can get you started on getting your green card and applying for citizenship.

United States of America Passport in Dallas, TX

See a Lawyer for Visas for Lower Costs

Are you worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer for visas? If so, count on us for professional legal counsel without having to pay too much money. Our primary goal is to help you avoid future litigation and potential deportation. Being deported or detained for immigration-related issues can be traumatic and expensive. But you can start your journey to greater peace of mind with a 20% discount on our consultation. We'll show you how we can assist in your specific case.

Contact us today to learn more about our visa legal services. We proudly serve clients located in Dallas, Irving, Addison, Arlington, and Fort Worth, Texas.